Tannoy Reintroduces Legacy Series


We are very excited about the reintroduction of Tannoy’s Legacy home audio speakers. We where fortunate enough to listen to these outstanding speakers in CES. At that time we weren’t allowed to release any info or take photographs of their latest designs. Originally released in the 70’s both the Arden’s and the Cheviot’s instantly became famous and will always be part of Hi-fi heritage. We where hoping to bring in the Arden’s however due to it’s enormous size(15 inch drivers) it will be hard to find a suitable demo area in our store. Three out of the five speakers will be release which include the Arden, Cheviot and Eaton models.

Tannoy Legacy

Shown above Tanony’s original Legacy speakers released in the 70’s. With a few minor cosmetic changes the new series will be close replica. Stay tuned for future updates and release dates.

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