Guide to Audio

Listening Tips for Acquiring an Audio System

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a system that will reproduce music as the artist intended.

Clarity: This system should sound clear, which means there should be no noise. The so called audiophile system tries to eliminate any unwanted noise that can come into the system. Some people would call that clarity.

Effortless listening: We do not want to get tired when listening to our music, therefore listening for as long as we prefer without getting fatigued. It should sound clear at all volumes.

Sound stage: A good system will project a sound stage. This is the width and depth of the music. Can you imagine the singers position on the stage? Can you tell that all the other instruments have their place on the stage? The result is having all the instruments separated and well defined.

Timing: The timing of the instruments, are they crisp and clear not muddled. The decay can be heard as the musician strums his guitar or the ivory keys ring as the sounds roll off as well as the beautiful vocals. Timing is what gets you dancing and your foot tapping!

Bass: The bass should sound natural without having a boomy sound. It should also be clear, crisp and tuneful.

Emotion: When listening to an audio system you should be engaged with the music and forget about the equipment. You should be able to hear and feel the musician’s emotion and passion. This is the result of having all of the previously mentioned lining up correctly.