Kef Wireless speakers on Demo


Step into our demo and immerse yourself in the world of Kef Wireless Speakers! These speakers are not your ordinary audio devices—they’re a complete, all-in-one system designed to elevate your listening experience. With seamless wireless streaming compatibility, including… Read More

Fezz Audio Joins Our Store


Elevate Your Sound: Fezz Audio Joins Our Store We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Fezz Audio at our store, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference it makes in your audio journey. Fezz Audio… Read More

SME Turntables now Available


SME (Scale Model Equipment) is a British company renowned for its high-quality precision engineering, particularly in the realm of turntables and tonearms. The history of SME turntables dates back to the mid-20th century when the company was founded… Read More

Introducing Harbeth Speakers


Harbeth Speakers now on Demo. Over forty years ago Harbeth set out to commercialize the BBC Loudspeaker research and design. It was great start, however, just the beginning. Come down and have a listen to a modern take… Read More

Cambridge Audio AXR100


With 100 watts of power and FM/AM tuner too, AXR100 is an amp to be taken seriously – thanks to an integrated phono stage for easy connection of a turntable, and Bluetooth to play music wirelessly from a… Read More

KLH Model 3 Now Available


KLH has released a smaller sibling. The retro styling pays homage to the original design and will suit many decors including more contemporary designs. This new speaker is based on a sealed enclosure(acoustic suspension) rarely seen in modern-day… Read More

Introducing Accuphase


We are proud to announce that we are now an Official Accuphase dealer! We invite you to come by the store to share an all-new sonic experience with us. Originating in 1972 in the Ota District of Tokyo… Read More

Dali Speakers Now Available


We are excited to introduce our latest line of home speakers Dali(Danish audiophile loudspeaker industries). Founded by Peter Lydorf in 1983 Dali set out to comply with the latest demands in the audio industry. With a strong representation… Read More

Wharfedale Linton


Originally debuted in 1965 the new Lintons are back! To celebrate its history Wharfedale has released a new series of Heritage speakers. Introducing modern technology with a classic look will work with both contemporary and traditional style decor…. Read More

Arcam releases new HDR Series


New Arcam HDR Series We welcome the latest lineup of home audio and theater products by Arcam.  A complete stereo series equipped with DAC’s and Bluetooth capability is now available. In the next couple of months, Arcam is… Read More