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Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers

We Source some of the highest quality Wireless and Bluetooth speaker systems on the market. We only carry wireless speakers from some of the most reputable hi-fi brands around that offer a natural faithful reproduction of the music. We urge you to have a listen and hear the difference.

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Naim Muso

Starting @ $1299 for QB

Finely tuned by our specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed.

Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnP™ streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), iRadio, iOS and Android app control and multiroom capability. Fine out more about Naim Muso in our news section.



Devialet Phantom

Regarded as the pinnacle of wireless and Bluetooth speaker technology, the Devialet Phantom stands out as a masterpiece in audio engineering. Despite its compact size, it boasts a frequency response comparable to speakers twenty times larger. What’s more, the Devialet Phantom offers unparalleled versatility, allowing it to be configured as a single speaker, stereo setup, or even as part of a multi-room system comprising up to twenty-four speakers. Explore further to discover the extraordinary capabilities of the Devialet Phantom. Learn more about the Devialet Phantom.


Kef Wireless Speakers

These speakers redefine the audio experience by offering more than just exceptional sound quality. They embody the concept of an all-in-one solution, seamlessly blending wireless convenience with versatile connectivity options. With built-in compatibility for popular streaming platforms like AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, you can effortlessly stream music from your favorite devices without being tethered by wires. Moreover, their versatility extends to wired connections, allowing you to easily hook them up to your TV, gaming console, or any other multimedia device.