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See why black diamond technologies can help you improve your video experience.

Never be left in the dark again. With  a black diamond screen you still can have the pleasure of using a projector/screen setup and not always having to worry about keeping the lights off. It is one of the only Screens on the market that offers up to 85% light rejection enabling you to view even in daylight conditions. If you are looking  to build a theater or meedia room make sure to audition a Screen Innovations screen to see the difference for yourself.

screen innovations black diamond difference

Show above is the difference between your regular White/Grey screen compared to Slate and Black diamond in a well lit room. Your standard screen only offers 10% light rejection while Screen innovations offers products up to 85% light rejection.


show above is Screen innovations white screen called Pure. With it’s Pure technology it gives you a much smoother picture and greater detail getting the most out of your projector.


Black Diamond Motorized Screen.


Zero edge Screen shown with optional Led lighting.