KLH Model 3 Now Available


KLH has released a smaller sibling. The retro styling pays homage to the original design and will suit many decors including more contemporary designs. This new speaker is based on a sealed enclosure(acoustic suspension) rarely seen in modern-day speakers. The advantage of this it makes placement easier to best suit your living space with added control and quality in the bass. Come on down and have an audition anytime!


Check out this video on the New KLH Model 3s.

Key Features

  • Iconic Mid-Century Modern Styling
  • Acoustic Suspension Design – The most accurate and linear enclosure design available today
  • Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control to tailor the loudspeaker’s output for the most difficult acoustic environments
  • Non-Resonant Die-Cast Aluminum Woofer Frame
  • Machined Aluminum 1” tweeter faceplate
  • KLH cabinetry featuring a structurally reinforced 3⁄4” MDF Enclosure
  • Thirteen Component network using high quality iron-core inductors & Mylar capacitors
  • Each speaker includes its own 8 ̊ slant riser base made of powder coated 14-gauge steel
  • Low-Profile Magnet Attached Grille
  • 10-Year Warranty



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