New Caylx 24/192 DAC


New in store Caylx 24/192 DAC! This DAC feautres full speed asynchronous 2.o USB. This DAC can be operated using a USB power supply and also has an optional power supply to enhance performance. The new Caylx DAC… Read More

PMC Twenty Series


The new PMC Twenty series have arrived. This Emmy award winning speaker company is used many artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder and much more. PMC speakers are used in some of the most prestigious record and theater… Read More

Focal 800w Prestige Series


With great success of the special edition Chorus 826w Focal has released a whole series of 800 W series speakers. The lineup now includes a center and stand mount speakers to complete a full home theatre setup. The… Read More

Cambridge DacMagic Plus


Cambridge audio has just released a new DacMajic Plus. The Dac is one of the only products in it’s price range to support 24bit Data over USB. Just add the BT100 to stream music via bluetooth using your… Read More

Music Hall 2.2 Turntable


The Music Hall 2.2 Turntable provides excellent value to consumers. Comes fully equipped with a music hall tracker cartridge and one piece aluminium tone arm for suburb tracking ability. This belt driven turntable coupled with high precision stainless… Read More

Cambridge ID100 Review


The new Cambridge Audio ID100 is the perfect solution for those who want to extract the best sound possible from an Ipod, Iphone or Ipad. The Cambridge audio ID 100 features balanced, digital coax and optical outputs. Unlike… Read More

New Chord Cables Now Available


Fitted with new Vee Plugs Chord cables offer increased performance and Value. Get the most of your system and audition the new Chord Company cables

Shanling DAC-50 Now Available


The new Shanling MC-5o provides sound quality and value. The DAC 50 was awarded best value 2010 from magazine audio.

New Leema Stream and Pluse III Coming Soon


In a couple of weeks we are going to receive the new Leema Stream cd player and Pluse 3 integrated amplifier. New modern design packed both containing a built in DAC for easy integration with digital sources. Come… Read More

New Thornes 209 Turntable

Thornes 209 turntable in red

The TD 206 and TD 209 turntables are the younger siblings of the revolutionary, multiple-award-winning TD 309. However, they don’t have to live in the shadow of their older brother. Both models are built using only high-quality materials… Read More