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    Calgary Business of Commerce People’s Choice Award only 3 days left

    We have been nominated for the Calgary Business of Commerce “Breakout business” and “Peoples Choice Awards”. Please copy and paste or click the link below to vote. http://www.smallbusinessweekcalgary.com/awards/finalists/peoples-choice-award/the-audio-room/#vote-header It only takes one minute and every vote counts! We… Read More

  • devialet phantom gold

    Devialet Phantom Gold

    Here is a look at the new Devialet Phantom Gold. If your looking for the most advanced all in one wireless audio system come down and have a listen. We had a chance to listen to the Gold… Read More

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    Welcome To The Audio Room

    Your Home theatre and and Hi-fi audio specialist serving Calgary for over 15 years. With over 80 years of combined experience we source and put together some of the best sounding systems for its respective price. We are authorized… Read More

  • monitorhometheater

    Calgary’s Home audio and theater destination

    Looking for an a Home theater system? Come down and let us educate and guide you to the proper solution. Our onsite and ins store Theater consultants each have more than 15 yrs plus experience. We also offer compete… Read More

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    Analogue Lounge

    Pure Hi-fi analogue stereo is alive and well here at the Audio room. The most purist from of sound is from a turntable. The reason for this there is no conversion form digital back to analogue. Most people… Read More

Latest News

Posted by kurt on November 23rd 2016

Considered the word’s most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier. The technology in the Mojo was derived from the Reference DAVE DAC and Hugo. Made i...

Posted by kurt on November 17th 2016

New Regal Planar turntables are now available. We are pleased with the latest offering from Rega made an already good turntable better. We feel the la...

Posted by kurt on October 24th 2016

Many of you have heard about the new Focal Elear and Utopia headphones now it’s time to have a listen. Please Join us on November 1, 2016 to com...

Posted by kurt on September 21st 2016
Focal Maestro Utopia

We are currently running in our demo set of Focal Maestro Utopia speakers.  Derived from Focal’s Flagship Grand Utopia it is one of the most sophis...


Devialet Phantom is Here

  We are not sure exactly when the new Devialet Phantom as they are already trying to keep up with the Demand in Europe. It was estimated to available in March however it’s looking more like May.  We… Read More

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Calgary’s Premiere Devialet Dealer

We are pleased to be the Premiere Devialet store for Calgary. This new and exciting company is leading the way in innovation, style and convenience. Devialet has developed a new amplification called ADH which features both Class A… Read More

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Integra with dolby atmos

Integra Home Theater Recievers Atmos Ready

Integra Home Theater has announced a firmware upgrade to add Dolby Atmos to some there existing models.  With Dolby Atmos you get multidimensional sound  and also adds a sound field above the listeners. This will give the ability… Read More

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