Onkyo TX-RZ810


We are excited about the new Onkyo RZ series Home Theater Receivers. Over the past 10 years we have found it more difficult to find Receivers, that focus on audio performance and features. Lately it always seems one… Read More

Tannoy Reintroduces Legacy Series


We are very excited about the reintroduction of Tannoy’s Legacy home audio speakers. We where fortunate enough to listen to these outstanding speakers in CES. At that time we weren’t allowed to release any info or take photographs… Read More

Upgrading Our Theater Room

James Loudspeakers

It’s time to upgrade our home theater room at our store. We are going to showcase a full James Loudspeaker Dolby Atmos system. James Loudspeakers is a true custom design company which allows us to retro fit a… Read More

Bang and Olufsen(B&O) H9 Headphones


Bang and Olufsen H9 Bluetooth Headphones is now available at the Audio Room. If  your looking for exceptional sounding noise canceling headphones make sure to give the H9 a listen. The H9 headphones are made with only the… Read More

Cyrus One on Demo


The new Cyrus One as an excellent sounding compact integrated packed with many features.  Don’t let it’s size fool you as it produces 100w x 2 and equipped with large toroidal transformer. The Cyrus can be easily integrated… Read More

PMC 2522 on Demo


Have a listen to the new PMC 2522 speakers if your looking for the best in both Music and Home Theater reproduction. Derived from the original twenty series PMC has added some new technologies. The new twenty five… Read More

Pryma Headphones


PRYMA headphones are handmade in Italy by Sonus faber, the brand that has delivered world-class sound for more than 30 years. PRYMA’s state-of-the-art high fidelity technology marries unparalleled sound quality with luxury design. The combination delivers flawless sound… Read More

Audeze Headphones


About Audeze We are pleased and excited to announce we are adding Audeze to our headphone line up at the Audio Room.  From its high-end planar magnetic technology, its unique designs by Designworks (a BMW group subsidiary), to… Read More

Chord Mojo Now Available


Considered the word’s most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier. The technology in the Mojo was derived from the Reference DAVE DAC and Hugo. Made in England using a solid piece of CNC milled aluminum the Chord Mojo packs a lot… Read More

New Rega Planar Turntables


New Regal Planar turntables are now available. We are pleased with the latest offering from Rega made an already good turntable better. We feel the latest improvements and sleek new look will put it over the top of… Read More