PMC 2522 on Demo


Have a listen to the new PMC 2522 speakers if your looking for the best in both Music and Home Theater reproduction. Derived from the original twenty series PMC has added some new technologies. The new twenty five series still use their famous Advance transmission line however has added a Laminair aerodynamic vent. This allows for a much smoother and efficient airflow resulting in cleaner more precise bass.

A word from PMC:

The more substantial standmount in the twenty5 range is a force to be reckoned with. The larger, potent g-weave bass driver, together with the new Laminair vent and an ATL of surprising length given the cabinet dimensions: all combine to give the twenty5.22 bass weight, punch and dynamics that are unmatched in its class.

The twenty5.22 is not only made for music’s visceral qualities, it is equally capable when it comes to resolving the fine details that produce realistic and finely nuanced
performances of the utmost delicacy.



“PMC has come up with a winning formula for its hugely impressive new speakers”

“…we think the PMC Twenty5.22 speakers look lovely and sound astounding.”

“There’s depth and texture to the bassline, but more impressively, its shape is defined in a way we’ve never heard before at this price.”

“…they’re such an attractive pair of speakers we want to take them home immediately.”

“They’re superb speakers for the money, and we urge you to give them a listen.”

What Hi-fi October /16


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