Linn’s Space Optimisation Technology


Linn’s newest audio technology is now available with every Linn DS /DSM purchase.

1. New circuitry has been incorporated to reduce signal path and decrease the amount of components. A new clocking architecture has also been added to decrease jitter. We already knew Linn’s components are excellent quality, however this has not stopped Linn pursue perfection.  Linn is always researching to take their products one step further.

Introduction of Linn’s Space Optimisation Video:


2.Sound Optimisation(Speaker Placement And Custom Environment). This new room correction will allow you to input data from the room including dimension, windows, floor material etc.  Users will be able to emulate the ideal position of the speaker and place them anywhere where it suits the decor.  LINN has eliminated the need to try and rearrange living room to get the best possible sound.

Explanation of Space Optimisation:



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