New Focal Utopia and Elear Headphones

New Focal Headphones Utopia, Elear and Listen

Focal is proud to announce its newest offering in premium headphones. Our demos are estimated to be here by the end of June with very limited quantities available for purchase in July. We had a chance to listen to these new headphones and sonic characteristics are like no other headphones we previously heard before.

Here is a sneak peak of Focal’s newest headphones.



Utopia and Elear Headphones

We are proud to have succeeded in creating our own manufacturing facility for these headphones, which will be manufactured on a new production line at our headquarters in Saint-Etienne. These two models are revolutionary in terms of headphone design as they are equipped with technologies that have never been used before in this product category. Faithful to our core values, Focal has designed and patented a miniature full‑range speaker driver equipped with the new ’M’‑shaped dome. Thus, Elear has an aluminium/magnesium dome, whereas Utopia, the flagship of the new line, is equipped with a beryllium dome, the iconic characteristic of our loudspeaker line of the same name.


These two sets of headphones feature ear cups with an open back design to ensure exceptional audio with natural, clear, detailed and dynamic sound for a unique experience.

To achieve perfection and to offer audio quality close to that of a loudspeaker, the structures of our Elear and Utopia headphones have been designed to offer maximum comfort for all shapes and sizes.

Finally, these two audiophile headphones are elegantly hand‑finished with superior quality materials to match the quality of their performance and to firmly establish their position as high-end products.


Focal Listen

Premium headphones designed for mobile use.

They benefit from the same research in mechanics and acoustics that went into designing Elear and Utopia, as well as from our experience and the lessons we learned developing our existing headphone ranges.

The end result is truly exceptional. The comfort of the headphones, the way they adapt to the head and their precise and natural acoustics make these headphones the ideal solution for mobile use.

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